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R&D Tax Credit services for companies such as advanced robotics manufacturing

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Might you be leaving valuable R&D Tax Credits on the table? Are your claims Revenue Audit ready? Contact SciMet R&D today to find out how we can assist you in claiming your full and proper R&D Tax Credit entitlement

R&D Tax Credit services for accountants

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Contact us today and discover how we can work together to ensure your clients have access to market leading R&D Tax Credit expertise, leaving you free to take care of all other accounting and tax needs.

R&D Tax Credit Audit Support

Receiving an audit notification letter can be daunting for a company. Unlike other tax audits which are primarily a financial exercise, R&D Tax Credit audits will typically cover  the Science Test as well as  the financial side of the claim. Revenue may appoint an external expert to assist in reviewing the scientific/technological aspects of claims.

At SciMet R&D we have extensive experience of assisting companies navigate the R&D Tax Credit audit process as well as other Revenue interventions into claims.

We regularly assist companies that have prepared the initial claim in-house or with the assistance of other third parties


In addition to our market leading R&D Tax Credit services, we also work with companies to identify other R&D funding opportunities and incentives that might be available. This includes the Knowledge Development Box (“KDB”), Irish Grants (e.g. EI, IDA, SFI) and European Grants (e.g. Horizon Europe).

Once opportunities are identified, we can provide a complete end-to-end service from the initial application through to the drawing down of funds. 

We can also assist Digital Games Development Companies to avail of the Digital Games Tax Credit.

fridge with post-its showing other Research and Development funding opportunities available. In addition to R&D Tax Credit we help with grants, KDB, Digital Games Tax Relief
"Having used other R&D Tax Credit service providers in the past, SciMet R&D's expertise and the support they provide throughout the process is unmatched."
R&D Manager
ICT company, Galway